There are so many ways to be involved


Building our community one step at a time

Learn about the different ways you can empower and help lift people out of homelessness. Homelessness has no holidays.

Everyone deserves shelter, food and a safe place to sleep, and with your help we can help solve Enfield’s homelessness.  Are you a night owl; Do you enjoy working with people?  Then perhaps our overnight volunteer might be the right fit for you. 

Call our director Monica Wright @ 860- 970-9065 

Are you heartbroken when you think of people who do not have shelter, food or a place to take a hot shower like you do?  Do you have ideas that can help raise funds for the homeless?   

For more information  contact Lorraine Creedon, chair of fundraising @860-830-7142

How is your networking?  Are you involved with similar organizations?.  Do you like to advocate, spread the word about a good cause?  If so, contact Rosalind Swift, Chair of Communications @860-741-2455 

There are many supplies needed to operate our Enfield warming center for the homeless. If you have things that you would like to donate or perhaps you would like to work on the needs and goods committee contact Sue Carllo @860- 306-3821 or Pat Banning @   860-989-3703